Morning Report for April 7, 2015

* Sorry magazine publishers, but Tina Brown isn’t buying your print product as often these days. “The stories get posted on the Web immediately, so …I read them online.” (
lester* ABC’s “World News Tonight” topped “NBC Nightly News” in total viewers last week; that hasn’t happened since 2009. (@BrianStelter) | NBC says it’s still pleased with Lester Holt‘s performance. (@brianstelter)
* Jack Shafer on the Rolling Stone mess: “May Satan capture your soul and make it his plaything if you think you and your publication are incapable of such journalistic malpractice.” ( | Where were the lawyers? (
* “What occurred at Rolling Stone is far from unique,” notes John Kroll. (
* A nice summary of Vanity Fair’s long Brian Williams piece: ( | …or read the whole thing: (
* The VF piece has “waaaay to many anonymous quotes to be trusted,” tweets NYT’s Lydia Polgreen. (@lpolgreen)
fifty* A parent in Kansas is shocked to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” positively reviewed in his kid’s high school newspaper. (
* Yup: “Traffic from Drudge can be a double-edged sword.” The pageviews bump is great, I’ve found, but the comments left by his fans are repulsive. (
* New York Times’ standards editor wants colleagues to produce “clear, simple prose that is fresh and intelligent.” (
* What the Washington Post and six other newspapers are doing with their Instagram accounts. (
* David Carr‘s death at 58 has a Washington Post reporter asking: “How long do I have?” and “How will I use that time?” (
* National Press Photographers Association names its NPPA Short Grants winners. (
* JOBS: A new sleep-focused website is looking for editors and writers. (Romenesko Jobs)
* The Webby Awards nominees have been announced. (
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