[UPDATED] Charleston Post and Courier praised for its Walter Scott shooting coverage

- Post and Courier fronts from Thursday and Friday

– Post and Courier fronts from Thursday and Friday

“The newspaper’s coverage of this tragedy has, thus far, been an excellent example of American journalism at its finest.”

Retired newspaper editor Steve Fagan adds:

To say the very least, The Post and Courier’s coverage has been riveting, but that’s almost automatic with an an event this sensational. It’s the sort of incident that virtually any daily newspaper worth its salt should be able to cover well.

However, The Post and Courier’s coverage has been so much more than just good. It has been exhaustive and exemplary.

Update: Executive editor Mitch Pugh (pictured below) tells Romenesko readers that Fagan’s praise “means a hell of a lot,” and that “it’s been a challenge, but I have to tell you this newsroom is fearless.”

They didn’t shrink one bit from the challenge. They feel the crushing weight of the responsibility to get this right, no doubt, but they are all in.mitch We were the first to report the tape existed and what was on it, and we believe we’ve offered the most comprehensive, nuanced and authoritative coverage since.

Any time the national media swoops in, they are going to get exclusives and scoops. The bright lights are impressive for a lot of folks, and we understand and accept that. Our job is to get it right, be fair and go to sleep at night knowing we’ve served this community well.

When the circus leaves town, we’ll still be here covering this important topic and playing a key role in putting all of the pieces back together.

Pugh says single-copy sales are up about 25% in recent days, and that website traffic has skyrocketed.

“Tuesday through Thursday, compared with the same period last week, we saw a 563% increase in unique visitors and a 207% increase in page views,” the editor says. “We exceeded 1 million unique visitors and hit almost 2 million page views in that span. …Our page views from Facebook grew 409% and 778% from Twitter.”

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