Great selling point, Daily Journal … or not


A Romenesko reader writes: “I was a finalist for a job there in 2012. Reporters told me Twitter and Facebook were blocked on their computers and their computer use was closely monitored. …Thankfully I did not take that job.” (I’ve asked editor David Houston about blocking Twitter and Facebook.)

* Work a beat without the distractions of social media reporting (

Update: On Friday, I invited Daily Journal editor David Houston to comment on keeping social media sites off work computers. He responded: “Is this for your blog… or is this a genuine conversation?” Both, I said. I didn’t hear from him again.

Here’s what current and former Daily Journal journalists say about the place:
– Use of Gmail isn’t allowed. “Not having access to it is a joke.”
– The “draconian Internet filters” often prevent reporters from seeing a law firm or law school website.
– “We found ourselves using our personal phones to look up information for stories on a regular basis, since the filter was so strict.”
– “Right as I walked into the office on day 1, that local manager greeted me with ‘the pleasure is all yours.’ This line characterized our relationship for the month or so that I worked there. My direct boss was also a major dick to me, owing largely, I think, to how he was treated by David [Houston].”

* “Our day begins no later than 9 a.m.,” David Houston tells staff (
* Daily Journal staffers to get monthly evaluations (

Have you worked at the Daily Journal? Tell us about. (I’ll withhold your name if requested.)