Morning Report for April 10, 2015

* WTF?! A reporter for the Elkhart (IN) Truth has been ordered by a prosecutor (below) to testify at a murder trial and turn over her notes and recordings. Want to let the public official know what you think about this?prosec Call his office at (574) 296-1888. ( | [RIGHT] Check out the hands: Meet the Elkhart County prosecutors. (elkhartcounty
* A $50,000 grant from Hugh Hefner has kept a Chicago high school newspaper alive for the past five years. (@chicagotribune)
* A University of Texas at Austin journalism course teaches students “it’s important to be first and essential to be accurate.” (
* The Santa Barbara News-Press has been sued by a photographer who says he was fired for complaining about mold in the offices. (
* About two dozen reporters had an off-the-record dinner with Hillary Clinton‘s campaign team last night. (
* ABC tops NBC and CBS in most time spent promoting itself in the 7-9 a.m. time slot. (
* WaPo’s Joel Achenbach on his Rand Paul profile: “This was not the easiest story I’ve ever done, in part because the senator didn’t talk to me, but…” (
* A kidnapping suspect calls the Orange County Register while holed up in a mobile home. (
* Report: Four parties are bidding for the New York Daily News. (
* The city of Elmira (NY) still has Brian Williams on its welcome sign. The mayor asks: “Where do you get the money to take it down and who decides who goes back up?” (
buzz* What BuzzFeed should have done: Leave the Dove post up and talk to staff about why it’s “flawed” by BuzzFeed standards and what they should learn from it. Instead, editors yanked it and created a shitstorm. (
* RIP David Laventhol: “His ambitions were not for himself but for his papers.” The Washington Post points out that the late newsman – creator of its Style section -“was one of the least stylish people in the newsroom.” (
* JOBS: 89.3 KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) is looking for a political correspondent. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Detroit News page one features “21 Elephants in the Room” – photos of all the GOP who’ve expressed interest in becoming president. (
* The Onion, formerly a newspaper, is now big on video. (
* “I’m not hating against blondes or anything like that,” says Fox’s Pam Oliver. (
* Good riddance, Time Warner Cable! (