Inspired by the Indianapolis Star, The Tennessean puts an editorial on the front page

Top of the Tennessean's front page, April 12

Top of the Tennessean’s front page, April 12

“It feels like the Tennessean brass had a look at the attention the Indianapolis Star got a few weeks ago [after it ran its “FIX THIS NOW” front-page editorial] and said,fullpage ‘huh, we can do that,'” writes Nashville Scene’s Steve Cavendish.

Yes, says Tennessean opinion engagement editor David Plazas, yesterday’s front page editorial was inspired by the Indy Star. “That was certainly in my mind, and I think that was in the mind of the designers, too,” he says, adding that “this was not our first front page editorial since I’ve been here.”

Reaction has been “overwhelmingly positive,” says Plazas. “There has been some negative reaction – about 5% to 10% – people who say it’s an overly liberal stance, or that it should be on the editorial page.”

What about the local alt-weekly accusing the Gannett daily of grandstanding? “I’m pleased that they’re reading our paper; I’m pleased they’re commenting.”

(I doubt he saw The Tennessean’s front page, but Larry King tweeted shortly after midnight Monday: “Newspapers that editorialize on the front page are not newspapers…”)

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