U. of Maryland paper goes weekly, says ‘readers don’t want a hard copy of news’

Departing Diamondback editor Laura Blasey says “readers don’t want a hard copy of the news anymore,” so the University of Maryland paper will come out with just one print paper a week beginning this fall – down from four. (Friday is now a digital-only day.) “We used to print almost 20,000 papers every day, and now we print a fraction of that at 7,000.” Blasey adds:

It became clear that producing a printed newspaper daily no longer made sense. Most of our top editors spend 40 to 50 hours a week in the newsroom working on the print paper — imagine what we could do with that time. We’d rather be experimenting with new technology, creating interactive elements and focusing on our online content.

What are people saying about the reduced print schedule? “Fairly positive with a few negative reactions, mostly from alumni in mourning,” Blasey tells Romenesko readers. What day of the week is the print paper coming out? “We’re still working out the details of the print edition.”

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