Larry Wilmore is surprised to see how his show is listed on TV Guide On Screen

- Graphic from "The Nightly Show"

– TV Guide On Screen graphic via “The Nightly Show”

Wilmore reacts to "The Nig"

Wilmore reacts to “The Nig”

Larry Wilmore told “The Nightly Show” viewers on Wednesday:

Before we get started, I didn’t want to mention this, but I feel like I have to. Last night I’m at home, trying to figure out something to watch. So naturally, I hit the TV Guide channel and noticed that TV Guide lists ‘The Nightly Show’ like this in the onscreen guide; absolutely true. [Laughs from the audience] Really, TV Guide? You couldn’t even fit the H in? That H would go a long way, right? I mean, can you maybe make the font a little smaller? How about that?

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