Tumblr musings from ESPN’s Britt McHenry

I’m really hoping ESPN Britt McHenry uses her time off to update her Tumblr with a sincere apology to the towing company worker she berated. (“Lose some weight, baby girl” … “I’m in the news, sweetheart. I will fucking sue this place.”)

In case you haven’t been following “Brimay,” here are just a few passages from the suspended ESPNer’s six Tumblr posts:

Britt McHenry in a parking garage (left) and on the field

Britt McHenry in a parking garage (left) and at the game

The first lesson I learned [from my first assignment]? No matter how early the flight, always wash your hair. You may be on a red eye but don’t put yourself in a position to sport red eyes on camera. I once had to spend the night in the San Francisco airport, trust when I say that’s not easy.

If you’re sightseeing the gorgeous architecture of Paris and find yourself still obsessing over television, you’re either crazy or made for this business. Perhaps, I’m both.

Sorry to disappoint a few disgruntled radio hosts or comedians of late, but looks didn’t get me anywhere when I was 22 and shooting video of a horse for an equestrian therapy story before stepping in its, for lack of a better term, droppings. Looks certainly didn’t help me when I crashed a company Ford Focus (baller vehicle status) trying to make deadline on an oh-so-glamorous skiing Santa Clause story; nor did looks help me pay rent on a measly $35,000 salary in Washington D.C.

Faith, determination, and some good wine did.

I’ve had enough Starbucks in my life to know that [waiting] 30 minutes for overpriced coffee is 29 minutes too much.

And, finally, this will come in handy today:

The mute and block buttons on Twitter are your friends. Let’s get more acquainted with them.

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