Morning Report for April 17, 2015

* Native advertising doesn’t work, says veteran copywriter Mark Duffy. (
* The Arkansas man who’s been buying newspaper photo archives faces several lawsuits and an FBI probe. ( | Earlier: John Rogers claims to have 80 million still images in his collection. ( | (
job* Screw you, “up-and-coming new media company” that’s looking for an experienced journalist to work six or seven days a week for $1,000 a month! ( | Reaction to the ad from my Facebook gang: (
* Ken Doctor: “Thinking of newspapers as the taxicabs of the Uber age might be too simplistic,” but… (
* Dan Feyer finishes 88% of the New York Times’ Saturday puzzles – the week’s hardest — in under five minutes. (
* Jay Rosen: “Want respect, young journalist? Break some big stories.” (
* Northern Michigan University is sued by the student newspaper adviser and managing editor after the adviser is ousted. (
* On Dean Baquet‘s to-do list: Finding out why Montana residents can’t get New York Times home delivery. (@peterlattman) | The j-school requested it. (@UMJSchool)
* The “charming young people” who work at the Daily Mail “suffer from an odd lack of curiosity.” (
* NBC News is blasted for its silence on the Richard Engel story. (
* The Forward becomes a tabloid after 118 years as a broadsheet. (
* New York Daily News meets with two parties interested in buying the tabloid. (
* Emails show Jon Steinberg, CEO of Daily Mail’s U.S. operations, wanted to partner with Sony Entertainment and “do some ‘firsts’ together.” (
* Mississippi Press Association protests the closing of Delta State University’s student newspaper. (
* The photo editor of University of Kentucky’s Kernel is shot to death. (
* Wesley Morris: It’s likely Trevor Noah will be what late-night comedy desperately needs: unsafe. (
* Rupert Murdoch is asking $72 million for his penthouse apartment. (
* Suggestion for Gannett’s Asbury Park Press: Make a few bucks by selling the domain. (@hunterw)
* Never mind, says the Detroit Free Press, nobody’s trying to change the name of Lake Michigan to Lake Wisconsin. (