Morning Report for April 20, 2015

* Roger Ailes doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think about him. (
* Peabody award-winners include “Serial” and Vice News. (
* Miami Herald killed reporter David Kraslow‘s Bay of Pigs scoop in 1960. “I think the Herald was wrong,” he says. “I think the Herald made a mistake, but it was a mistake born of good intentions.” ( | (h/t @matthewkeyslive)
* Iran is charging Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian with four crimes, including espionage. ( | Marty Baron calls the charges “ludicrous.” (
* Minnesota prison officials ban on-camera interviews with inmates. (
* “Weird Al” Yankovic is guest-editing Mad magazine. (
* Wisconsin publishers cheer the repeal of the state’s newspaper recycling requirement. (
* Kentucky Kernel pays tribute to its photo editor, who was killed in a robbery last week. (@KyKernel) | Two men have been charged. (
byline* [RIGHT] Byline fun: Nark writes about weed. ( | (h/t @MikeSisek)
* Tribune Media CEO Peter Liguori‘s total compensation for 2014 was $23 million. (
* Mark Thompson as “the conductor in the orchestra” at the New York Times. (
* Change is good: “If alt weeklies are to survive…they’ll have to stop relying on the same old tired stuff, no matter how great it once was.” (
* “Very few people in New Hampshire read the New York Times,” claims Union Leader editorial page editor Drew Cline. “They have a better newspaper here in New Hampshire.” (
* Politico aims to double its newsroom staff, to 500, by 2019. (
* Tampa Tribune sells its downtown building to a real estate developer. (
* BuzzFeed deleted at least three posts after getting complaints from its ad-sales side. (
* The Pulitzer winners will be announced at 3 p.m. ET today on this YouTube channel.
* JOBS: KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) is looking for a political correspondent. (Romenesko Jobs)
karate* A Florida reporter who dined-and-dashed at Denny’s “mimicked the stance of ‘The Karate Kid'” when a cop caught up with him. (
* “A metaphor?” asks a Romenesko reader: Longtime Fort Worth Star-Telegram mascot dies. (
* The Canandaigua (NY) Daily messenger adds a Saturday edition, but kills the Monday paper. (