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Here’s what Gannett CEO Gracia Martore says: “TEGNA is a nod to the more than 100 year-old history of Gannett. While always reminding us where we came from, the new name also shows our innovative spirit and commitment to being a forward-looking company that empowers people, businesses and communities to grow and thrive.”
Here’s what Romenesko readers who work (or once worked) for Gannett write in emails:

— “Did a 5th grade class studying anagrams have a contest to come up with that?”

— “Multiple little birdies tell me that the new name for GCI’s newspaper division, TEGNA, autocorrects to TENGA. (Google it, I’m begging you.) Apparently the entire newsroom is calling their new company by its autocorrected name.” (Note: “Tenga products are all new masturbation tools” made in Japan.)

Some the of tweets:

— “LOL. Gannett doesn’t want investors to even think it still prints newspapers. So it adopts a non-word.” (WHarkavy)

— “Rejected names: Tangent. Nag Tent. Gnat Net.” (@jpheasly)

ALSO – A Romenesko reader and Gannett staffer writes: “The Town Hall Meeting with employees [during which the name change was announced] included a pre-recorded video of Gracia Martone ‘playing’ ‘Everything is Awesome’ with a ‘band.’ Even had Gannett execs rapping. All pretty tone-deaf and cringe inducing. Not sure they understood that the community publishing folks probably don’t see it that way.” Anyone have that video to forward? I’m

* Gannett announces TEGNA as new name of broadcasting and digital company ( | (
* Read the TEGNA FAQ that was given to Gannett employees today (Google Drive)

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The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) wants to check the financial accountability of the Daily Californian student newspaper, but it’s a bit of a mystery how it’s going to do that.

“We find it concerning that this bill …[was] rushed through the ASUC Senate before being written,” writes editor-in-chief Chloe Hunt. “We find it even more concerning that less than 12 hours before the committee meeting where the bills are scheduled to be discussed, the bills were still empty, apart from filler text.”

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