Morning Report for April 22, 2015

* Well, there you go: “The 2015 First Amendment Day celebration at Iowa State is made possible because of a generous donation from the Charles Koch Foundation.” (
* Prof’s piece in Newsweek failed to disclose his Charles Koch Foundation ties. (
* Young journalists are warned: The rate at which someone becomes a dinosaur is only going to speed up.dino (
* Wall Street Journal plays catchup on the digital front. ( | A new look for (
* Proud dad Dave Barry mentions that son Rob is part of the Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer-winning team. (
* The computer scientist who came up with the emoticon doesn’t care for emojis. “I think they’re ugly,” says Scott Fahlman. (
* Imagining Howard Cosell as a 21st century media figure. (
* Paul Lukas on the psychology of leaking, with a few words from me. (
* Former “Daily Show” correspondent Rob Corddry hasn’t watched live news in eight years. (
* A second 2015 Pulitzer-winner recently left newspapers for PR. (
* A Grey Goose vodka “corporate publicity stunt” angers the White House Correspondents’ Association. (
* Jay Rosen to Facebook: “Stop treating us like children at a Passover seder who don’t know enough to ask a good question.” (
* “Facebook has been super shady since Day 1,” writes B.J. Mendelson. (
* New York magazine contributing editor Gabriel Sherman is promoted to national affairs editor. (
* Baltimore Sun crime reporter Justin George, who contributed to the “Serial” podcast, is one of Marquette’s O’Brien Fellows. (
* Some good ear-to-the-door reporting by the AP’s Gary Fineout in Tallahassee. (
* New York Times’ “36 Hours” column becomes a Travel Channel show. (