Morning Report for April 24, 2015

* [Above] Eat up. You’ll be happier. (
* Home-improvement chain Menards sues Toledo Free Press for not disclosing lower distribution numbers or adjusting ad rates. (
* Can Gawker make unions cool again? (
* Comcast’s not getting Time Warner Cableor Vox Media. (
* How should Diane Sawyer and other journalists refer to Bruce Jenner? ABC reps, according to Brian Stelter, “consistently refer to ‘Bruce’ rather than using a gender pronoun.” (
* Beautiful paintings that feature newspapers: (Rodich 2007)
* “If you hold on to [a newspaper job], your wages probably aren’t keeping pace with inflation. But public relations is growing, and the pay there is, too.” (
* Denver Post Broncos writer Mike Klis jumps to TV sports. (
* That’s high: Survey finds 4% of Americans trust the marketing industry. (
* The journalist who crowdsourced freelance word rates is trying to raise $6,500 to create a sort of Yelp for journalists. (
* Jake Tapper is named host of CNN’s Sunday morning “State of the Union.” (
bri* Poor Brian Williams; so unwanted. (
* The Associated Press reports its first revenue gain in six years. (AP via
* How to fix the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. ( | Paul Farhi on the dinner and journalism ethics. (
* The Pulitzers: Joseph vs. Lilly. (
* Cal State Fullerton’s student paper runs a full-page A1 editorial blasting administrators’ “shameful track record of delaying and denying inquiries from Daily Titan reporters.” ( | The front page: (
* University of Tampa’s newspaper is kicked out of its newsroom with little notice. (
* Time’s tribute to film critic Richard Corliss, who died Thursday night. He was 71. (