No art needed with this story

April 27 NYT Sports front

April 27 NYT Sports front

“We think the time is right to buck convention every day.”
Times sports editor Jason Stallman

@GlibandBitchy asks about this text-only New York Times SportsMonday front: “Has this become a ‘thing’ too common for comment or still worth noting?” I don’t know if it’s too common, but it’s clear the page designer’s message is: Forget art; you need to read this story.

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New: The page design gets mixed reviews from my Facebook friends and subscribers

Dave Tepps . It seems the NYT recently used the same design strategy — giant amount of white space to indicate nothing going on in sports that day, or one thing worth emphasizing. I think you can only play that card about every five years.

…and this:

Joe Hass. The design fundamentally matches the tone of the story. It’s a gutsy call, and I think it works well.

Dave Tepps: it was in July last year. The front page was simply the “Transactions” section of agate type with a single line highlighted: “CLEVELAND CAVALIERS — Signed F LeBron James”

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