Toledo Free Press folds after 10 years

Toledo Free Press founder and publisher Thomas Pounds tells his readers that “between years of legal wrangling [with the Toledo Blade] and ongoing struggles with predatory ad pricing from a competitor, business conditions are such that we can no longer continue.”

Pounds, who started the weekly after quitting the Blade, adds:

Closing hurts, but even more painful would be to have never tried. This newspaper has been a dream. We have enjoyed offering area readers an alternate voice and relished the challenge of changing the status quo of news reporting in Toledo. By adding to the conversation, we did what we set out to do, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done.

Commenters write below the Blade’s story about the weekly’s demise: “Sad that corporate America has won over the small guy again!” and “Blade wins. So much for a diverse community. Congratulations Big frog in very rusty watered small pond.”

The Free Press was recently sued by home-improvement chain Menard Inc. over circulation numbers, but Pounds says that had nothing to do with today’s announcement. “Hell I haven’t been served yet on that,” he writes in an email.

New: Free Press founding editor Michael Miller writes on Facebook: “Don’t be sad about the closing of Toledo Free Press. Be angry. Be sick that an independent voice has been silenced. …”

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