Ex-Sacramento Bee boss gets big advance for book about eerie events after husband’s death

- via cbsnews.com

– via cbsnews.com

After her husband Max died in 2004, former Sacramento Bee publisher Janis Heaphy Durham saw what she believed were signs that he was leaving for her – things like his handprint on the bathroom mirror and a footprint on their vacation home chair. Lights flickered, she said, and clocks stopped at the time that Max died. publisher

She said nothing about this at the Bee.

I worked in an industry that was a breeding ground for skepticism about almost anything. The business of publishing required a mainstream professional demeanor and lifestyle. … Journalists can be eccentric; the business side of newspaper management isn’t.

She left the Bee in 2008 and, after researching the paranormal, decided to write “The Hand on the Mirror: A True Story of Life Beyond Death.” It hits bookstores today after getting a nice pre-publication plug from “CBS Sunday Morning.” The Bee reports Heaphy Durham got a seven-figure advance for the book.

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