Morning Report for April 28, 2015

* Baltimore Sun front page [PDF] for April 28 ( | The Sun’s riot coverage is free and doesn’t require registration ( riots* “CBS This Morning” seeks the name of Baltimore’s most famous mom (as does every other media outlet). (@CBSThisMorning)
* Jason Whitlock tells staffers at ESPN’s The Undefeated site: “If you’re more comfortable working for a white person, I will find a white person for you to work for. … Everybody has to get on board with that or I’m going to find a way to move them someplace else.” (
* Freelance Rhode Island journalist Phil Eil is still trying to get paid by Cumulus Media. He tells the radio giant: “I sincerely hope I receive a check for $2,034.50 as soon as possible. A public apology would be nice, too.” (
* A variety of threats “make this the most deadly and dangerous period for journalists in recent history.” (
* Claim: 46 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. (
* Three journalists who met at the Rockford Register Star launch Out of Theaters, a podcast about classic movies. (
* NBC News chief Andrew Lack believes viewers want Brian Williams back on the air. (
* Another ratings win for ABC’s “World News Tonight.” (@DylanByers)
* The Daily Dot – a Google Doc just a few years ago – raises $10 million. (
* Wall Street Journal has about 40 full-timers cranking out 30 to 40 videos a day. (
* I’m looking forward to New York Times’ “DealBook Explains” animated series. (
* “Scoop Callahan” is the man behind the tiny Atlanta Journal-Constitutions. (
* A Vice Motherboard correction that’s almost as long as the story. (@andymboyle)
* “The journalism we provided to ‘Frontline’ on this story [‘Bigger Than Vegas’] was solid.” (
* Fast-rising Timesman Kinsey Wilson profiled. “He has the brain of a technologist but the heart of a journalist,” says Vivian Schiller. (
* Gatehouse Media CEO Kirk Davis, who has withheld raises for journalists while pocketing nice bonuses, is elected to the Associated Press board. (