Newspaper Guild of New York members vote 407-105 to become NewsGuild of New York

The New York Guild follows its parent union in changing its name. Here’s this afternoon’s release:


Name Change Comes as Union Already Represents Many Journalists at Forefront of Rapidly-Evolving Digital Industry

NEW YORK – Members of the Newspaper Guild of New York on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved changing their union’s name to The NewsGuild of New York to more accurately reflect its representation of journalists and other news professionals in a rapidly-evolving, multi-platform news industry.guild Members voted for the name change 407 to 105, after a three-week mail ballot voting period. The results were unofficial because the local’s elections committee had not yet certified and officially reported them.

“The news is very much alive, but most of the newspapers that were around when we started are gone. From The Daily Beast to The New York Times, and pretty much everywhere between, more Guild members now work in 24-hour, increasingly-digital news environments,” said Bill O’Meara, president of The NewsGuild of New York. “But one thing that isn’t changing is the importance of a union to look out for news professionals and to make sure that careers in journalism are sustainable.”

The New York Guild’s name change corresponds with a national trend of local Guild chapters dropping “paper” from their names. In January, the international parent union also dropped the word from its name, becoming The NewsGuild-CWA.

Besides the name change, members also approved a series of bylaw changes that will allow the Guild to streamline operations and invest in growing the union. The vote was 360 to 149.

“The changes we made will ensure that our members are represented by the strongest union possible – one that focuses on their needs in this ever-changing industry,” said O’Meara.