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* Rob Gebelhoff: “Why I’m excited to start a new career in journalism” (

Earlier: “I want to be a working journalist who can afford food and shelter” (

Oh, no; say it isn’t so!

OK, it isn’t so.
Revised headline: “Historic Miami University building to be demolished.”

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet and editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal put out this memo Thursday afternoon:


We are pleased to announce that Charles Duhigg, one of our most acclaimed financial writers, will become the newsroom’s leader for an events and conferences business that builds on our journalism and authority. Charles will partner in this important enterprise with a new business leader Meredith Levien will announce soon.

Charles will work with colleagues throughout the company to expand the conferences The Times already runs, like Cities for Tomorrow, the Luxury Conference, the magazine’s events, DealBook, Schools for Tomorrow, Food forTomorrow and the INYT conferences, and he will provide support to TimesTalks and our other successful live journalism events. He will also work with the newsroom, the Editorial Department and our business-side colleagues to find other ideas that allow newsmakers and our journalists to take the stage together to discuss the biggest issues of the day./CONTINUES Read More

- via NPRInterns on Instagram

– Photo by @ryankailath

“Everyone at Planet Money has a super messy space except for editor Robert Smith,” says the caption on this @NPRInterns Instagram post. “He has all of his customized reporter’s notebooks (36 of them) since May 2005 hanging on the wall of his cube.”

I asked Smith to tell us more about his collection and he wrote back:

I started to put photos on the front of my notebooks because I kept losing track of which one I was using. I would just pick up the closest pad, and the next thing I knew I had 7 different notebooks going. It was crazy. So I started to snip photos out of magazines and review copies of books, and glue them on the front.

I guess I grew sort of fond of each notebook. You know, you carry them around all day and they become symbolic of certain stories. My hurricane Katrina notebook has a fire breathing monster on it.skull The notebook I used during a difficult week I spent as a host has a falling tree on it.

When I finished each one, I started to pin them to the wall. This was in our old bureau and the walls were pretty ugly. And then we we moved to the new space, I put them all up again. I thought it would be convenient if I ever needed to go back to anything, but of course I never open them again. …

Here’s my current notebook [above]. Symbolic of my two roles as a reporter and editor right now? Maybe.

* NPR Interns on Instagram (

A Romenesko reader writes:

During an earnings call last Friday (April 24) with financial analysts, McClatchy CFO Elaine Lintecum made this comment (Bolded). The question she is answering is included for context:

From the earnings call transcript:

The tipster adds:

The fact: While it is true that advertising and digital staffs at McClatchy’s newspapers have remained mostly intact, the same certainly cannot be said for newsrooms, where at some papers staffs have been cut nearly in half.

I called McClatchy spokesman Peter Tira about the accuracy of the CFO’s statement. He said he’d let her know that I wanted to discuss it. While I’m waiting for her return call, please post in comments the layoff numbers from your McClatchy newsroom, or email them to me if you want to be anonymous.

* McClatchy earnings call transcript for April 24, 2015 (

* In New Jersey, detectives order a photographer for The Record to delete murder scene photos, then take his two cameras. (
* New York Times Co. reports a $15 million net loss in the first quarter of 2015. The good news: Digital subscriptions were up 14%. (
* Why did NFL commissioner Roger Goodell agree to speak at Medill (as long as the public wasn’t let in)? “I know [moderator and USA Today sports columnist] Christine [Brennan] very well,” he says, “and I know how important Medill is to her, how important Medill is to my [Medill grad] wife.” ( | ( | Brennan’s story with video: (
* Medill kept quiet about Goodell’s appearance to avoid protests? (@JeffEisenband) | Right: Goodell and a Northwestern student. (@scenesfromusc).
* Jim Cramer got $3M+ from in 2014. (
* The Overseas Press Club announces its award winners, including President’s Award recipient David Rohde. (
* The New Republic adds Jay Rosen, Jason Hirschhorn and three others to its advisory board, which now has 13 members. (
* A newspaper in New Zealand uses Kickstarter to fund its “Keep the Bastards Honest” investigative efforts. (
* A 26-year-old West Baltimore resident says of his photo appearing on Time’s cover: “After my daughter, who’s my pride and joy, this is the best thing that’s happened to me.” (
* Lee Enterprises’ new chief financial officer comes from MediaNews Group and Halifax Media. ‘Nuff said. (Press release with a reporter’s byline added)
* Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times loses veteran pop culture reporter Sean Daly to a TV station. (
* Cox-owned Austin American-Statesman lets Hearst Newspapers do its printing; 100 jobs are lost. (