Any McClatchy journalists care to fact-check this earnings call remark from the CFO?

A Romenesko reader writes:

During an earnings call last Friday (April 24) with financial analysts, McClatchy CFO Elaine Lintecum made this comment (Bolded). The question she is answering is included for context:

From the earnings call transcript:

The tipster adds:

The fact: While it is true that advertising and digital staffs at McClatchy’s newspapers have remained mostly intact, the same certainly cannot be said for newsrooms, where at some papers staffs have been cut nearly in half.

I called McClatchy spokesman Peter Tira about the accuracy of the CFO’s statement. He said he’d let her know that I wanted to discuss it. While I’m waiting for her return call, please post in comments the layoff numbers from your McClatchy newsroom, or email them to me if you want to be anonymous.

* McClatchy earnings call transcript for April 24, 2015 (