Sir, this *isn’t* 1-900-HOT-NEWS!

Here’s how Ronnie Polaneczky’s Friday went at the Philadelphia Daily News, according to her Twitter feed:

Just got called by a guy who masturbated as he spoke to me.

Ronnie Polaneczky

Ronnie Polaneczky

He hung up when I told him his name and # are on my phone. Happy Friday, y’all! …all my colleagues heard me say, “Sir, are you pleasuring yourself?!” and started screaming in laughter. …lots of “sexy” groaning, erratic breathing and ?’s re my weekend. I have name/# – no answer yet but will call until wife answers! …What’s a horny caller to DO? At least he didn’t call me a C-word. It was more of a “friendly” dirty call, if that makes sense.

* “Just got a call from a guy who masturbated as he spoke to me…” (@RonniePhilly)

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