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Mark Herman, who has been at Tucson’s KOLD-TV since 2011, decided he wanted to tell colleagues about his new job at WKRN in Nashville in a somewhat “spectacular fashion.”

I knew they’d be disappointed in my departure. So I decided that I should resign via cake – not only because nobody can be mad or sad at a cake, but also because I’m a bit of a joker and a cake of resignation is pretty damn hilarious.

The newscast director (soon-to-be automation director) called a Tucson bakery and told them how he wanted the cake decorated.

Mark Herman's resignation 'letter'

Mark Herman’s resignation cake

“They said it’s the first time they’ve heard of someone doing something like this, and happily obliged,” the newsman tells Romenesko readers.

Herman emailed his resignation to KOLD news director Michelle Germano, and promised to hand-deliver a physical copy for his personnel file.

“When I came in, I reminded her of that, and said, ‘Here’s the physical copy.'” He then presented her the cake.

“She laughed and said, ‘No way! You crack me up!’ …She took it over to the 2 o’clock news meeting and made the announcement to everyone. We all had a good laugh, and it was a great way to start a Friday. The cake definitely made the bad news a little bit more palatable.”

Herman says his “letter” was a white cake with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting.

“It was the best tasting cake I’ve ever had, but that may also be because of the message.”

* A larger view of Mark Herman’s resignation cake (

- Frank Olivo, the Santa who was pelted by snowballs at an Eagles game in 1968

– Frank Olivo, the Santa who was attacked with snowballs at an Eagles game in 1968

Author Glen Macnow in December of 2011
“When he dies, you already know what the first line of his obituary is going to say: Frank Olivo, the Santa Claus who got pelted by snowballs that winter day in 1968… That’s who he will be for the rest of his life.”

Philadelphia Inquirer on May 2, 2015

I asked Martha Woodall about discovering Macnow’s obit remark from 2011. “My colleague Matt Gelb found it Friday,” she says. “As soon as I saw it I knew my lede – and my kicker.”

* Glen Macnow predicts the first line of Frank Olivo’s obit ( mark)
* Obit: Frank Olivo, 66, substitute Santa hit with snowballs at Eagles game (
* “Slyly, brilliantly done!” and more praise (

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