And so what if they *were* roommates?

Here’s how that went:

Mike Baker: Excuse me, Mr. Buffett. I’m Mike Baker, a reporter at Seattle Times, working on stories on Clayton. I would love to catch up with you some time to talk more about it.
sayingWarren Buffett: We’ll be talking about it.
Baker: OK, great.
Buffett: Were you the roommate of the guy that wrote it on the other side?
Baker: Uh… co-writer. I never lived with him, no.
Buffett: Oh, yeah, you don’t know him?
Baker: I’ve worked with him in the past. But, yeah, why? What do you mean?
Buffett: I was just curious.

Mike Baker is married and has two children, so there would be no reason for him to live with reporting partner Daniel Wagner. I’ve asked Buffett spokesperson Carrie Sova about the roommate inquiry; she hasn’t called back yet.

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