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Who came up with the idea? I asked editor-in-chief Trevor Mitchell.
All the credit for that has to go to our ad team — Brooke Partridge in particular came up with the idea, executed it and we all absolutely loved it.

Are students familiar with the game?
I’d played the game before, and I haven’t heard of any confusion — but I’m sure some people haven’t played it. We hope they still think it looks amazing.

Are the graduating seniors on your staff finding jobs?
I’m starting as a Cops and Courts reporter at the Springfield News-Leader right after graduation. Other members of this year’s editorial staff are working at The Christian County Headliner, a weekly newspaper, and 417, a local magazine in Springfield. We’ve had a pretty good run this year of finding jobs we love.

Update — Ad manager Sandy King writes in an email: “Trevor forwarded your email to me because the ad side of The Standard handles the special section covers. The ‘Operation’ idea was mine (I played it as a kid, too), but it was beautifully executed by our student graphic designer, Brooke Partridge. The game is still in production, and all my ad reps (who helped write the call-outs) were familiar with it.”

* Missouri State University Standard Graduation issue (

Worcester Telegram & Gazette editorial page editor Chris Sinacola resigned at the GateHouse-owned paper laid off several staffers today,tg including editorial cartoonist David Hitch, reports’s Noah Bombard. He adds: “The layoffs this round hit hard at what was left of the paper’s online department. …The additional layoffs come on the heels of several layoffs the company announced earlier this year, which are taking place this week.”

I’ve invited Sinacola to comment on his resignation.

Meanwhile, in Oregon… Chris Anderson has resigned as Oregonian Media Group chairman to become editor and publisher at the Register-Guard. The Eugene paper reports: “The hiring of Anderson is a major move for the newspaper. It is the first time in the 88 years the Baker family has owned the paper that a non-family member will lead the company.”

* Telegram & Gazette editorial page editor quits as more layoffs occur (
* Chris Anderson leaves Oregonian Media Group for the Register-Guard ( | (


You missed this, Dan:


* “My God what ISN’T ending? (@MrDanZak) | The End of Snow? (

Update: “Then there is the end of pens,” writes a Romenesko reader.


The headline has been changed to “Pentagon: No Texas takeover plot.”

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offline* Benjamin Hart: “It’s now been a month since I left New York and quit the Internet, and I don’t regret what I did for a second.” (
* Finally, a ratings win for NBC’s Lester Holt. (
* FYI: Advertising for “digital natives” to fill job openings could get employers in trouble. The message: Only young applicants should apply. (
* I’m guessing Gannett is hoping digital natives “attend” this online job fair. (