A reporting class investigates how working-class students subsidize college athletics

A University of Cincinnati investigative reporting class did this story:beat

A Romenesko reader writes:

Anyone looking for evidence that college students are producing great journalism should check out the cover story in today’s CityBeat, (Cincinnati’s alternative weekly): “Robin Hood in Reverse.”

An investigative reporting class at the University of Cincinnati looked at Ohio’s eight largest public universities and found that with one exception, trustees and administrators impose hidden fees and invisible taxes on thousands of working-class students to subsidize money-losing athletic departments while allowing academic spending to nosedive.

Why not publish it in the university newspaper? “The students decided to go with CityBeat,” says Prof. Craig Flournoy, “because they liked the idea of it being a cover story and because the weekly could more easily accommodate a 5,200-word story, three charts and photos.”

* Robin Hood in Reverse (citybeat.com) | Read the e-edition