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Akron mayor Donald L. Plusquellic: “The good people of Akron deserve better – they deserve the truth. I do not now believe that my hometown paper is interested in the truth. And, after 41 years of honest service to the City I love, to be called a ‘B’ word in an editorial is more than I’m willing to endure.

The mayor vs. the paper (Photo: Beacon Journal)

The mayor vs. the paper (Photo: Beacon Journal)

“I am done fighting this madness so I hereby submit my resignation and retirement…”

Beacon Journal publisher Mark Cohen: “It is disturbing to me that the mayor would leave office this way. This newspaper has a history of reporting honestly and fairly. To accuse us of somehow causing his resignation is just not rational.”

Beacon Journal editor Bruce Winges: “What the mayor is blaming on the Beacon Journal began as a dispute between the mayor and a member of his council. The Beacon Journal is involved because of its obligation to report to the people of Akron what is going on with their government.”

* Mayor retires, cites fight with Beacon Journal as a factor (
* “I am done fighting this madness,” says the mayor (
* Beacon Journal disputes mayor’s statement (

The Tow Center report notes:

While writers at Gawker Media found traffic pressures stressful, many were far more psychologically affected by online vitriol in comments and on social media. In a climate of online hostility or even harassment, writers sometimes turned to metrics as a reassuring reminder of their professional competence.

* The Traffic Factories: Metrics at Chartbeat, Gawker Media, and The New York Times (

MediaShift founder and executive editor Mark Glaser made this announcement today:

I have big news to share with you. After nearly 10 years of being hosted on, MediaShift and Idea Lab and EdShift and DigitalEd and the Mediatwits will be going independent on its own site,, starting on July 1.Unknown

I really appreciate everything PBS has done to support us over the years, but with so many changes in management there, it was difficult to stay aligned in our missions. Their mission is basically to find the next “Downton Abbey,” and ours is to wonder why we have to watch “Downton Abbey” on TV at all.

Obviously, this will mean less branding and visibility not being part of the PBS empire. But it will also be a chance for us to shine on our own, spread our wings and experiment with new business models outside of the public media sphere. That doesn’t mean we’ll be selling our soul for native advertising and listicles. But it does mean that we can try out new things and move in a more nimble way.

Our tech guru Erek, and our DigitalEd manager James will be leading the effort to migrate from to, with Idea Lab likely living at We’ll also be revamping both sites to look more like EdShift and DigitalEd — completely mobile-friendly adaptive design.

While we will take a business hit with the costs to migrate and host on our own now, I’m confident we will make our way and do even better as a feisty independent site.

Glaser answers some questions after the jump. Read More

UPDATE: “This was NOT for a station promo,” news director Ian Rubin tells Romenesko readers. “It was a poor attempt at humor on personal social media pages. It is not part of the TV station’s promotion effort nor does it reflect the promo strategy of our station.”

Co-anchor David Custer asks a critic of this promotion: “Aren’t news anchors ‘prostitutes’ for their show? A balancing act for ratings and survival?”

* “Ya’ll know Julia Roberts was a prostitute in that movie, right?” (@DavidLukeCuster)
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Bios: Meet WNEM-TV (Saginaw, MI) news anchors David Custer and Meg McLeod.


* Bill Simmons (left) is leaving ESPN. “I’ve decided I’m not going to renew his contract,” says ESPN president John Skipper. Re the Simmons-edited Grantland: “It long ago went from being a Bill Simmons site to one that can stand on its own,” says Skipper. (
* Wrong, Skipper. He’ll be hard to replace at Grantland. (@jasongay)
* Erin Carr recalls her “wise, generous and devoted father.” (
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post* Shafer saw the future in 1998: “Every newspaper will have the potential to break news as fast as a television station. Every television station will have the potential to become a newspaper.” (
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