Akron mayor retires after spat with Beacon Journal, says he’s ‘done fighting this madness’

Akron mayor Donald L. Plusquellic: “The good people of Akron deserve better – they deserve the truth. I do not now believe that my hometown paper is interested in the truth. And, after 41 years of honest service to the City I love, to be called a ‘B’ word in an editorial is more than I’m willing to endure.

The mayor vs. the paper (Photo: Beacon Journal)

The mayor vs. the paper (Photo: Beacon Journal)

“I am done fighting this madness so I hereby submit my resignation and retirement…”

Beacon Journal publisher Mark Cohen: “It is disturbing to me that the mayor would leave office this way. This newspaper has a history of reporting honestly and fairly. To accuse us of somehow causing his resignation is just not rational.”

Beacon Journal editor Bruce Winges: “What the mayor is blaming on the Beacon Journal began as a dispute between the mayor and a member of his council. The Beacon Journal is involved because of its obligation to report to the people of Akron what is going on with their government.”

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