Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar warns grads: You’ll be mocked for trying new, risky things

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill commencement speaker and former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar tells grads: “Before I begin I’ve gotta to capture this with a selfie, so you on the left and the right are going to have to move in just a little bit, and do me a favor hoop and holler and we’ll catch a little selfie. Let’s go. … OK, I’ll tweet that under hashtag #uncselfie and #uncgrad.”

Later in his talk…[begins at the 2:23 mark]
“The early days of Hulu were among the toughest in my career. I kept reminding myself of that phrase that was attributed to Winston Churchill: ‘When you are going through hell, keep going.’

“But here’s the thing that I can’t emphasize enough for you here today: Most people that you run into in life, including the smart ones, they will be averse to new things. They certainly were in my experience at Hulu and at Amazon. The typical human response in the face of the new is to ignore, mock or dismiss it. New is scary; new is the unknown. Most everyone does not believe that the new will work – until it does.

“If you think that the world is broken in a certain way, and you have a great idea to fix it, do yourself a favor and follow your convictions relentlessly. …Don’t let the fear of uncertainty, of not having all the answers, be the thing that holds you back from pursuing your dreams.”

Note: Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck gets her honorary degree at the 1:58 mark.

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