Morning Report for May 13, 2015

* Associated Press video software architect Jim Gaines was one of six killed in the derailment. ( | New York Observer’s Jill Jorgensen was injured. (
* Dean Baquet: “Not enough people know how good we are [at the New York Times], how well we’re doing financially, and how bright the future looks for us.” (
* Facebook Instant Articles explained. (“To some, [the Facebook-publishers partnership is] an obvious win-win,” writes Brian Stelter. “To many others, however, Facebook is a ‘frenemy’ to the news business.”) (
* The New York Times is publishing only one article on Facebook today. (
* “Traditional publishers” are said to be interested AOL’s content sites. (
* “Some insiders at AOL believe the sites can bring something to the table at Verizon.” (
* Ken Doctor‘s nine takeaways from the AOL-Verizon deal. (
* Oh, we know: “Newspapers and reporting jobs have been disappearing at an alarming rate.” (
* Seymour Hersh on the flap over his latest piece: “I don’t care.” ( | NYT reporter: Don’t be so quick to dismiss Hersh’s claims. (
* An Illinois politics website bans “dope” and “stupid” in comments. “Idiot” and “moron” were previously banned. (
* Muscatine (Iowa) Community College student newspaper staffers sue the school over alleged free speech violations. (
* Report: Cablevision is no longer interested in the New York Daily News – even for a mere buck. (
* Duke Chronicle drops its print edition for the summer. (
* Raney Aronson replaces David Fanning as “Frontline” executive producer. (
* Gay Talese‘s address book is featured in a new short film. (
* JOBS: Cedar Rapids Gazette is looking for a news editor. An education news website seeks a video director. (Romenesko Jobs)