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John Waggoner, who wrote the crack above two weeks ago, is one of 50 or so USA Today employees who accepted the paper’s buyout and were toasted by colleagues yesterday. He tells readers today:

This is my last column for USA TODAY. My company has offered a generous buyout package for those of us who started writing when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and I’ve taken it. But I haven’t retired, and will be writing elsewhere.

Where will you be writing, John? I asked.

“Right now, I’m going to be decompressing and taking lots of walks with my dog,” he writes in an email. “After that, I’m going to try my hand at freelancing and see how that works out.”

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This Friday Florida Times-Union front page, with a gun show sticker ad, is circulating on social media this morning. I asked the newspaper about it and got this statement from vice president of audience Kurt Caywood:

All of us at The Florida Times-Union know that gun violence is one of the most emotionally charged and pressing issues facing our community. The tragedy that occurred on a Duval County school bus Thursday was as societally significant as it was frightening. As such, a team of reporters, editors and photographers approached this story with great sensitivity and professionalism, and we stand proudly by their report on page 1A of Friday’s newspaper.

The appearance of a gun-related front-page sticky note on the same day was an incredibly regrettable coincidence. It was born of the purposeful separation between our news and advertising departments, an approach we take because we value nothing more than the objectivity of our journalism. That said, this clearly was an oversight. We’re aggressively reviewing our procedures and will implement steps to prevent such a situation in the future.

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