How the Waco newspaper covered Sunday’s biker gang shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant

Waco Tribune-Herald editor Steve Boggs is busy directing his BH Media-owned paper’s shootout coverage, so I appreciate he took time to answer a few questions:

The number of Tribune-Herald journalists who were on the story Sunday?

4 reps [reporters] (3 on day off)
2 editors
2 photo
Others called in to see if we needed anyone.
no stringers

How the shootout was reported:

Day 1 coverage had main story, and sidebar on reaction around that part of town. Main story pretty comprehensive. Would have liked to develop various aspects into sidebars, but very little information to support them was forthcoming from the police department. So we stuck with single story on day 1.

Branching out into separate stories today and moving forward.


Getting a crash course in the difference between motorcycle clubs, and outlaw biker gangs. Probably our biggest challenge is developing sources in a hurry into the biker sub-culture, and determining the identify of two of the five gangs present, and if they were outlaw or just regular mc’s.

On-site reporter, Olivia Messer, did outstanding work, as did assistant city editor Tim Woods in organizing and updating the information.

Felt good about print product. We tend to publish to web first on most stories every day. Online traffic was big, as you’d expect.

* Latest shootout coverage from

Noted: New York Times had six reporters on the story, according to @CMurphyDenver