Morning Report for May 18, 2015

* Nikki Finke is launching Hollywood Dementia in June – a site with short stories, novellas and novel excerpts “written by Hollywood insiders like myself [who will] expose the hard truths and gritty reality of showbiz through creative writing.” She’s going to charge $1 per post. (
* Why would someone buy the New York Daily News? “Maybe I want to be Walter Cronkite when I grow up,” says the one man who has expressed interest in the tabloid. (He’s 66.) (
* New York Times Pulitzer-winner Gretchen Morgenson puts journalism in two categories: accountability, where journalists speak truth to power; and access, where reporters tell the story from their source. (
* Atlanta Journal-Constitution podcast is inspired by NPR’s “Serial.” (
* No selfies at crime or disaster scenes, please. (
* An Orlando Sentinel column about George Zimmerman is pulled without explanation. (
* George Stephanopoulos is more like Bill O’Reilly than Brian Williams. (
* Hank Stuever explains David Letterman: His show “was counterinstinctive art disguised as harmless filler.” ( | By the way, the cakes [right] were “devoured” in the WaPo newsroom. (@hankstuever)
* Seymour Hersh: “It’s not my fault I have fucking sources most reporters don’t have.” (
* Publishers are now fine with Facebook Instant Articles? ( | Another report: They see it as a “tricky” experiment. (
* AOL’s Tim Armstrong is hardly Mr. Humble. (
* Belo will never live down the CueCat. ( | Earlier: CueCat memories. (
* “We don’t have a journalism problem,” says Dallas Morning News editor (and ex-FiveThirtyEight managing editor) Mike Wilson. “We have a business problem.” (
* founder Jim Brady sees curating as linking out, and “not rewriting another news org’s story and stealing a link.” (
* Brooke Gladstone, Jon Stewart, and 15 more people who should be considered for the New York Times media columnist job. (
* A journalist’s plea to get rid of purple: (
* Today’s Wall Street Journal A1 is written by women. (@davidenrich)
* JOBS: Cedar Rapids Gazette is looking for a news editor. An education news website seeks a video director. (Romenesko Jobs)
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