Several USA Today editors take buyouts

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A Romenesko tipster and Gannett employee writes:

One of the remarkable aspects to [last week’s USA Today] buyouts is the number of top execs leaving. Along with Money editor Anne Willette and deputy editor of personal finance Rodney Brooks [mentioned in this post], they include:

* David Colton, Executive Editor
* Susan Weiss, Executive Editor
* Brian Gallagher, Editor, Editorial Page.
* Dennis Moore, Managing Editor, News
* Fred Anklam, Senior Night Editor
* Bonnie Tkach, Director of Edit Operations
and a bunch of other editors, reporters, photographers and graphic artists.

There are still big outstanding questions, including:
* Will the new Gannett bosses insist on further layoffs before July 1?
* Will [editor-in-chief David] Callaway and [publisher] Larry Kramer stay?
* Will there be any hiring after July 1, the target date for the spin-off of the publishing company?

Will the top bosses be pushed, or depart voluntarily?

I don’t think Kramer and Callaway are going to be replaced so much as they may want to leave on their own, especially Kramer. I don’t think either is clear on what their roles will be in the new company. That said, it would surprise me if they don’t stay through the year.

Laura Petrecca is USA Today’s new Money editor. The memo is after the jump.

From: Callaway, David
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 10:51 AM
To: USAT ED Newsgroup
Subject: Some changes


I’m delighted to announce that Laura Petrecca will become our new Money editor next week and that Donna Leinwand Leger will take on a new role as Breaking News Editor.

Laura, who will replace the incomparable Anne Willette when she departs at the end of this week, will remain based in New York as NY bureau chief. She will focus on our strong Money offerings on markets and tech, as well as grow new areas of coverage, She will also work with Lisa Kiplinger, our extraordinary Money copy editor, who has agreed to take on the role as our personal finance editor. Laura will report to Dave Teeuwen.

Donna will move across the river to Tysons, where she will build a breaking news team that will effectively include everyone on the news staff. That is, when news breaks, Donna will make sure it gets out fast, and she will have the authority to call on anyone on any team at any time to make that happen. More to come on this as we restructure the Hub in coming weeks. Donna will report to Patty Michalski.

Finally, Vicky Spigai will work with everybody in Tysons in the next two weeks to relocate everyone into the central part of the newsroom, including Life, Travel and College.

Things are moving fast as we approach this summer’s spin, and we’ll all be taking on new roles and challenges as we become an integrated digital media company. Please congratulate Laura, Donna and Lisa as they take the first important steps.

Cheers. Dave

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