Morning Report for May 21, 2015

* Boston Herald newsroom union members reject a no-raise contract by a 32-26 vote. (
* Ombudsman: NPR shouldn’t be promoting a host’s book on his or her own program – and no longer will be. (
* Ken Doctor: “News companies should buy Yelp and use it as the foundation of the next generation of local news and information sites and apps.” (
* WordRates – a sort of Yelp for journalists – has a successful Kickstarter campaign. (
* Fox news: The animals are stealing a couple’s papers. (
* MailOnline’s growth slows, despite its push into the U.S. (
* Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian‘s detention “is not just our loss, but Iran’s, too.” (
* The Ohio Supreme Court sides with a former college paper news editor in a public records dispute. (
* Jake Tapper‘s upcoming gig is erased from the Clinton Foundation website. CNN says he was improperly listed as a speaker. (
* San Francisco Public Press: Our work clearly influenced the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Is Desegregation Dead?” series. (
* IN JOBS: Apply for the Associated Press‐NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Journalism Fellowship Program. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Dan Froomkin: “Why do smart, elite journalists quote people who they know are lying, or being moronically stupid, but not call what they say lies and stupidities?” (
* Hillary Clinton joins the rest of us who get a LinkedIn account, then never (or rarely) return to the site. (
* Raju Narisetti on David Letterman‘s big last-show ratings: “Just like in newspapers, where the collectibles issues always do just great. Sigh.” (@raju) | Highest since 2005. (
* Charlie Gasparino (pictured): “Sometimes people at Fox think I have a little Trotskyite mustache. They think I’m a little too liberal.” (
* There’s apparently a “job-hopping crisis,” which one young woman dismisses: “People who stay put in one place for too long are spineless losers afraid of change.” (
* A.J. Daulerio lays off most of staff at Ratter, and plans a “pivot.” (No more feces photos?) (
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