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Digital First Media editor-in-chief and Bay Area News Group (BANG) boss Dave Butler tells his journalists that “we all need to engage our readers even more” and rethink old news rules.

“Do we really think, for instance, that every story must be 25 inches?” he asks. “Every Sunday piece must by 35-40 inches – or longer? Are you reading all of these long stories — on your phone? (Of course not.) Does a one-sentence story seem just right for Apple’s watch? (Does to me.)”

He adds: “Print will continue to shrink and digital will continue to grow. The bottom line may well be this: Change and change faster. That’s not a new concept, to be sure, but one we need to embrace even more.”

The editor-in-chief’s memo:

From: Dave Butler
Date: Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 4:47 PM
Subject: An update….
To: &BANG News All


For the past several weeks, news and business executives have been meeting to discuss our path forward in light of the upcoming budget year and the challenges our industry continues to face.

As many of you know, I’m just back from sitting in on budget discussions for our company’s largest units — and it’s clear that we are all wrestling with similar issues. We’ll need to address these challenges irrespective of who owns the company./CONTINUES Read More

I was reading the Chicago Tribune on my iPad (via the PressReader app) while flying back from Denver last night and saw a familiar name in the obits. I guessed that the late Peter G. Nickeas was related to the Tribune crime reporter, and that grandson Peter wrote the obit (aka death notice).

“I did,” the journalist tells me. (He also wrote a longer tribute to his grandfather on Facebook.) “He was super proud I made it to the Tribune. He was serious about advancing the family name and nobody else in our line has graduated from college.”

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