East Oregonian editor calls ‘amphibious pitcher’ headline ‘just kind of a silly mistake’


So, how did this happen?
“Oh, man,” were the first words East Oregonian managing editor Daniel Wattenburger (pictured below) said over the phone when I asked about the “amphibious pitcher” headline.

“It’s just kind of a silly mistake, and I’m trying to craft a column about it now,” he says. “There was just some confusion [about amphibious vs. ambidextrous] from the person laying out the page on Friday night.

“A former colleague [Neill Woelk] shared it on his Twitter feed and that’s how it got picked up” by, well, just about everyone else on Twitter. (Woelk is now Rocky Mountain Student Media adviser.)

“It’s a little embarrassing,” the managing editor says of the hed.

Wattenburger notes that this is the second item from his paper that’s gone viral recently; a funny letter about farts circulated on social media in late May.

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New — Editor’s column: “Just a few weeks ago we were Internet heroes, showing the courage and temerity to publish a letter about farts. Now, we’re lowly Internet zeros, publishing unconsciously about frogs.”