Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

Never mind!

I asked Kimberly-Clark, which has the Cottonelle brand, about the order to cover the toilet paper sponsorship and got this response (with my boldface) from its PR agency, Ketchum.

We’d like to clarify that invited media are welcome to join us for the concert, however, media invitations to events like this are not contingent upon any expectations of media coverage.

I called Ketchum’s Dane Roth and he told me that this was “inaccurate language” released by “someone we work with to reach out to the press on this.” That person, he added, is not an employee of Ketchum or Kimberly-Clark.

It’s good news, of course, that the press isn’t being told what to write about, but I’d still like to hear the New Kids on the Block members’ “very poignant thoughts” about toilet paper.

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* Cottonelle and New Kids on the Block encourage Americans to go commando (