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The Romenesko reader who forwarded this memo sent to Dallas Morning News staffers writes: “An announcement that the Dallas Morning News was selling the building might not have been more shocking. The word ‘institution’ gets tossed around a lot. This guy is the real deal.”

* From 2011: Sixty years, 7,543 business columns and still running strong (

To all,

Bob Miller, a pillar of our newsroom for almost 64 years, has decided to retire after decades of saying he’d never do it.

His last column will appear July 1.

Bob started working here on Sept. 24, 1951. He worked as a City Desk editor (now Metro), as an assistant managing editor and he led an early effort into electronic news delivery.

It’s safe to say his tenure will never be matched. He was here for desegregation of schools, the assassination of President Kennedy and the economic and social transformation of Dallas.
On Nov. 22, 1963, Bob and his wife, Shirley, were among invited guests for lunch at the Dallas Market Center to hear a president who never arrived.

In 1985, Bob landed in Business, where he writes his daily column on philanthropy. He wrote six columns per week until a reduction in news hole four years ago required us to cut him back to five. At age 87, he was devastated. (The philanthropy column will continue to run in Business. Details to come.)

I’ve copied a story below [after the jump] that we ran 14 years ago, on his 50th work anniversary. It tells the Bob Miller story far better than I can.

We will hold a reception in Bob’s honor soon. In the meantime, join me in wishing Bob and Shirley the best.


The 50th anniversary story is after the jump. Read More