Forum Communications tells employees that covering birth control is ‘a moral issue’

Forum Communications, parent of the Fargo (ND) Forum and other newspapers and broadcast outlets in four states, recently set up an online bulletin board for employees to post concerns. I’m told that Forum journalists are using it to complain about the company’s insurance not covering birth control. My tipster writes:

It’s the most common question people are asking, and the company finally admitted it won’t cover birth control because “the board feels it is a moral issue.” There is obviously a lot of frustration, and for good reason. It seems The Forum doesn’t have to cover birth control as required by the Affordable Care Act because the company’s policy was grandfathered in.

One message from the company’s employee bulletin board:


The company’s response to these messages is that the matter “will be presented to our board and discussed.” Fargo Communications CEO Bill Marcil Jr. hasn’t returned my calls for comment.