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- From The Guardian

– From The Guardian

Letter to Romenesko
From PATRICK CASEY, Reporter Andrew Gumbel was just flat wrong to assert in the lead to his recent Guardian story on the Charleston shootings that like Dylann Roof, starting a race war was Timothy McVeigh’s motivation for the Oklahoma City bombing.mcv

I covered the OKC bombing for The Associated Press from the day it happened until transferring to the AP’s New York headquarters in mid 1999 and think it completely wrong to report that starting a race war was McVeigh’s motivation.

Common sense says the OKC attack did not involve race at all. McVeigh parked his truck bomb in front of a federal building that was filled with government workers and children of all colors. There was no racial intent in that. If McVeigh had wanted to start a race war, he would have bombed a more obvious target such as a historically black church or perhaps a dormitory at nearby black Langston University, not a racially neutral federal building./CONTINUES Read More


“Am I reading too much into LA Times’ link text?” asks Romenesko reader Peg McNichol.

The union representing Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones employees is asking members if they want a new contract or extend the current contract, with a small raise. The memo:

From: IAPE TNG/CWA Local 1096
To: [Union members]
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 8:13 AM
Subject: ONE QUESTION: 2015 IAPE Contract Survey

IAPE members – this morning, we’re asking you to answer one question: would you rather have the Union engage in full negotiations for a new contract with Dow Jones, or agree to an extension for one more year? Weigh in here: [Survey link]

Late last month, Dow Jones negotiators approached IAPE representatives with an offer to extend our contract for another year, just as we did in 2014. The IAPE Board of Directors has been wrestling with the choice: take the extension and a guaranteed raise for all (knowing that the Company will have the same flexibility to modify healthcare as they did in January of this year) or demand negotiations for a new contract (knowing that anything we take from Dow Jones – in cost-cutting mode – will only be achieved by membership action and visible support in every workplace)./CONTINUES Read More