My favorite Romenesko posts from 2015

Some of the fun we had this year…

* Readers pointed me to great accident-related headlines from the Brandon Sun (“Bread truck rolls over, hundreds of loaves toast”) and the Riverside Press-Enterprise (“CHiPS respond to hot sauce crash”).

* A Denver Post photojournalist baked an excellent farewell cake (“Fuck ESPN”) for a departing colleague. Labor reporter Steven Greenhouse also got a nice cake when he left the New York Times in March (“Walmart shares up 22%”). /CONTINUES

* Mark Hinojosa wrote a classy farewell note after being laid off by the Detroit News. Also classy: A Twin Cities newspaper carrier’s letter to customers.

* Someone at the AP confused accused killer Robert Durst for Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst.

* A relatively young Washington Post reporter learned that the Beatles never recorded “Barbara Ann.”

* The Times of Acadiana – a Gannett paper in Louisiana – had troubles spelling Louisiana.

* Julie Weed was named Forbes’ marijuana reporter.

* The York Daily Record cracked down on newsroom cursing, prompting one Romenesko reader to write in comments: “You’ve fucking got to be shitting me.”

* A Maine newspaper was scolded for its “disturbing typo” (“shammy shits”).

* The New York Times was chided for refusing to print WTF.

* An 8-year-old boy told the editor of the Bloomington (IN) Herald-Times that he was a “shithole” and a “jerk” for pulling some of the kid’s favorite comics. The boy’s voicemail message ended up getting played about 140,000 times.

* A Wisconsin paper should have made it clear that Mari Negro got the part-time assessor job.

* The Huntsville Item gave a missing local goat bigger play than former Secretary of State James Baker’s visit.

* There was ad placement fun in the Loudoun Times-Mirror and the Anderson (SC) Independent Mail.

* A retiring journalist told us: “Don’t be afraid to pick up a ringing phone” because “it’s good to find out what an actual reader thinks.”
* A Minneapolis Star Tribune subscriber was determined to get his paper delivered to the right door.

* A Portsmouth (NH) Herald reporter noticed that the name of a missing dog was blacked out in the police log. “I don’t know why,” an officer told me.

* The quirky obits kept coming in 2015. In February, a 60-year-old Alaska man “died from complications from being stubborn, refusing to go to the doctor, and raising hell for six decades.”

* A Washington Post reader was waiting for the paper to put Donald Trump on its Weather page.

* Yes, everything was awesome in 2015!