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The Charleston Post and Courier posted this column on February 26:

One day later, the CEO of the newspaper’s parent company sent this email:

Date: February 27, 2016
To: All Employees of Evening Post Industries and its Affiliates
From: John Barnwell, CEO
CC: Members of the Board of Directors

Dear Fellow Employees,

Yesterday, Friday, February 26, Evening Post Industries was the targeted victim of an email spoofing incident. Through this incident, a request was made for a summary of all 2015 employee W2 information – to include all affiliates. Unfortunately this information was provided before we discovered that the request was made from a fraudulent account, by an individual purporting to be me.

We discovered the fraudulent nature of the request late afternoon Friday and have been working diligently ever since to investigate and gather as many resources as possible to counteract this incident. As you are impacted parties, we wanted to notify you immediately and share the resources we’ve put in place to help mitigate risk./CONTINUES Read More


The Romenesko reader who sent the above clip from the Longmont Times-Call writes: “This is an item that runs on the top of B1, the front page of Sports. It’s a trivia/factoid feature that runs, as far as I know, every day. …This Colorado paper is owned, as most [in the state] are, by Digital First. The page designers work in Boulder, Colo., which is 15 miles or so southwest but a world away.”

I’m guessing the person who wrote the “factoid” about the design staff and murder didn’t intend for it to go to press.

Employees at Shaw Media, which has newspapers in Illinois and Iowa, will now get 30 cents per mile for personal car use; they had been getting been 35 cents. Has your company lowered its rate recently? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.


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