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Letter to Romenesko
From DEAN MILLER, director of Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy:
Re: Stony Brook j-students remembering David Carr. He was generous to us with his time and it made a big impact (see Ariel Dollinger’s piece). We’ll be teaching off this padlet this week, which serves materials to students and faculty. Other J faculty are welcome to hit it as well.

* David Carr in our classrooms at Stony Brook (
* David Carr, professor (

New: Read Carr’s UC Berkeley commencement speech (

David Carr remembered:
* “David mentored and nurtured countless journalists,” writes Brian Stelter, “and I was so lucky to be one of them.carrstelter I loved him like a father and he treated me like a son.” ( | Stelter, Carr and their wives: (@brianstelter)
* Tom Moran: I’ll always remember David Carr as the adult who took time to chat with my son at a back-yard barbecue. (
* Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan was supposed to have breakfast with Carr, then speak to his class last week; unfortunately, the snowstorm hit. (
* Jack Shafer on his friend: “One part shambling hipster, one part Tom Waits, a pinch of Jimmy Breslin, and a dollop of the Mad Hatter.” (
* Gabriel Sherman: “Carr embodied the grit the paper needs to thrive in a constantly changing media landscape.” (
* The time Carr told the Vice editors not to insult what the Times does: (
* Keith J. Kelly: “He had a beautiful way with words and he had a way of sucking you into his world.” (
* [RIGHT] The New York Post “literally stopped the presses” last night for Carr. (@media_ink)
* A.O. Scott: “If he told you you’d written a heck of a story, you knew he meant it.” (
* What Carr wrote at Washington City Paper (and what it wrote about him): (
* Ken Doctor: “For a guy who said plainly what others only thought, he often seemed the most commonsensical guy in the room.” (
* “He was an enormous personality who required a significant amount of the oxygen in the room,” says the Twin Cities Reader publisher hired by Carr, “but could also use that to hold a lot of people on his shoulders and usually move them forward.” (
* The man who put Carr in the “Page One” documentary says one of the best ways to honor the journalist’s memory “is to try to live as fully and truthfully and daringly as David did.” (
* Watch Carr on Twin Cities public access TV (smoking during the show) in 1984: ( via John Reinan)
* Kelly Krause: “I hope this [photo] makes you smile today.” Stelter: “It does.” (@kelljokrause)

In other news:
* New York Times goes all-in on Instagram. (
* Mike Daisey‘s advice for Brian Williams: Don’t apologize to save your job or career; apologize so you can sleep at night. (
* San Antonio’s black newspaper uses the N-word on its cover. (
* Praise for The New Republic’s “Whitewash” cover story. (
* NPR memo: No change in the way we introduce the Islamic State. (
* Today’s “On Point with Tom Ashbrook” is all about this week’s media news. (
* Correction: “He does not believe President Obama is the Antichrist…” (@RL_Bynum)
* Canada’s conservative Sun News Network shuts down. (
* “Facebook is an asshole about the name thing.” (
* Crain’s New York Business lays off 40% of its editorial staff. (

A Romenesko reader writes after reading about Tribune’s $231 million bankruptcy bill: “It would be extremely interesting if you can get an estimate of the total news budgets of the Trib papers to compare to the cost of the lawyers.”

Former Chicago Tribune managing editor and Los Angeles Times editor James O’Shea brings that up in his book, The Deal from Hell. He says the fees in the bankruptcy case will likely top out at more than $300 million before it’s over, and figures that would be enough to run the combined Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune newsrooms for more than a year.

* David Carr: “It’s worth thinking about how many boots on the ground $231 million would buy”

* David Carr: Murdoch says what’s on his mind on Twitter

I asked David Carr, whose Oct. 2010 New York Times story exposed Randy Michaels’ shenanigans, to comment on Tribune’s $675,000 payout to its former CEO. Carr wrote in an email:

I’m sure there are some expedient reasons that the TribCo chose to pay Mr. Michaels $675,000 and cover his legal fees, but it sends a clear, bad message to the women and men at the company who continue to do their jobs well in spite of the overhang of bankruptcy process that has gone on far too long.

Dan Neil, who was lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against the trustee for Tribune’s employee stock ownership plan, tells me:

I suppose I’m beyond being horrified by anything having to do with Zell and his corporate crony creeps. Michaels is a guy who gets up early in order to have extra time to say and do stupid things. He is a shameless pig and was a singularly pathetic executive, the master of disaster. Please point to the exceptional performance for which he is being rewarded with a “bonus.”