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A Romenesko reader writes: “So far, none of GateHouse Media’s newly acquired Halifax employees have received paychecks. I suspect it’s just a tech glitch and ultimately not going to be a crisis, but it sure starts our new employment with a bang! Here’s the email we got from corporate this morning.”

Halifax Employees,

As many of you are now aware, there has been a problem with the bank transfer of your first GateHouse payroll cycle.
We are working diligently with the bank to release the funds that are literally sitting there waiting to be distributed to you.

Rumors may abound, but please understand that every step of the process – including a confirmation from the bank that funds were ready to be released this morning – had been checked prior to this first payroll distribution. The preparation for this cycle was verified and re-verified by the folks involved on the GateHouse and Halifax side. We are still awaiting an answer from the bank as to why there has been a delay.

Regardless of the reasons, there are no excuses. Please accept my apology for this delay and any problems it may have caused.

I promise to keep you posted on the developments as we learn about the problem and our solution.


Bernie Szachara
Senior Vice-President – Publishing / Group Publisher
Local Media Group Inc.

* November 2014: GateHouse parent pays $280M for Halifax’s 36 newspapers (

A second memo about the late direct-deposits is posted after the jump. Read More

One veteran journalist says in an email that this “incredible two-year non-compete contract that Halifax Media Holdings is forcing on the employees of what had been the New York Times’ Regional Newspapers …. clearly [is] a strategy to allow Halifax to fire a bunch of people who don’t sign ‘for cause’ so Halifax won’t have to pay severance.”

I hear that at least one-well known journalist is refusing to sign the agreement and expects to be fired by the end of the day. I’ve emailed this person for comment. I’ve also left a message for Halifax Media corporate communications director Lori Catron.


It was shameful enough that the New York Times Company dumped thousands of employees when it sold the 16 newspapers in its Regional Media Group to Halifax Media Holdings with no provisions about job security.

Now comes word that Regional Media Holdings is requiring those employees whom it deems highly enough to retain to sign “non-competition agreements” that provide (1) that “the Company is free to terminate the Employee’s employment with the Company at any time for any reason” (so-called “at-will employment”) and (2) that bans terminated employees for two years from working for any media outlet that sells advertising — whether print, television, radio or Internet — in any city or county in which Halifax does business. In other words, it bans journalists from working as journalists where they live.

Employees have until tomorrow — Tuesday, January 10 — to sign away their rights or be fired. Oh, and forget about applying for a job at the New York Times. The deal bans The Times from hiring any of its marooned former employees for at least two years. Journalism in the age of leveraged-buyout artists.

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New York Times Co. completed the sale of its Regional Media Group newspapers to Halifax Media today.

A tipster writes: “I did some rummaging around online and found NYT / Halifax’s SEC filing. Most interesting thing I found:”

c) The Purchaser further agrees that it will not engage in any action within 90 days following the Closing that will create any obligation or liability under WARN to any Business Employee or Transferred Employee, including terminating in excess of 49 Transferred Employees at any single or combined site of employment, less the number of Business Employees terminated by any Seller at any such single or combined site of employment, other than for cause, in the 90-day period prior to the Closing.

Here is the memo from Halifax Media’s CEO:

Halifax Employees,

This afternoon Halifax Media Group concluded the purchase of the New York Times Regional Media Group. More details will be available later, but I wanted to let you know our company is now five times larger than it was yesterday. This strategic acquisition not only increases the size of the company, but also increases the opportunities for networking and career advancement.

Thank you for all the hard work. Here’s to a great 2012!

Michael Redding
Chief Executive Officer

Halifax Media Group
901 Sixth St, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

The New York Times Co. announced this afternoon that it’s selling its Regional Media Group newspapers to Halifax for $143 million. (Earlier post.) From NYT RMG’s FAQ:

4. What is the process for determining who will be hired?

Halifax has decided who it will hire. Again, you will be notified within the next 48 hours whether the buyer will be offering you employment. The New York Times Company has not been involved in that decision.

Here’s the letter that Regional Media Group employees received along with the FAQ:

December 27, 2011

Dear Regional Media Group Colleague,

Today The New York Times Company announced that it intends to sell the properties within the Regional Media Group. Since it is understandable that this change can be cause for concern regarding your future employment with The New York Times Company, we prepared this letter and the attachment, Frequently Asked General Questions for Regional Media Group Employees, to assist you. Please review the attachment and feel free to contact the Shared Services Center with your questions by calling 800-900-8698.

You and your family members may also contact the Company’s Work/Life Assistance Program through Corporate Counseling Associates by calling (800) 833-8707, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and speak with a professional counselor confidentially.

Susan Murphy

December 27, 2011

Frequently Asked General Questions for Regional Media Group Employees

1. Why are you selling the Regional Media Group?

While it was not planned, we were approached by Halifax Media Holdings LLC. We are pleased that the newspapers will be sold as a unit and that Halifax Media Holdings anticipates offering employment to the vast majority of employees. The sale of our Regional Media Group will enable The New York Times Company to continue our transformation to a multi-platform media company and further sharpen our focus on the development of our brands nationally, globally and in the northeastern U.S./CONTINUED Read More