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- Marietta (OH) Times, May 7-8, 2016

– Marietta (OH) Times, May 7-8, 2016


- From The Oklahoma Daily, December 2

– From The Oklahoma Daily, December 2

Oklahoma Daily sports editor Dillon Hollingsworth tweets: “Good thing the semester’s about done, because we’re not beating this one.” I’m told by copy chief Mia Chism: “@kateclaire_b [Kate Bergum] gets creative credit for this headline. I just helped approve it to be published.”

* Norman PD officer puts escaped donkey into squad car (

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Romenesko reader Gina Tenorio-Norris spotted this girl and her “I’m a journalist…I’m never wrong” hoodie at Friday night’s Grand Terrace (CA) High School/Colton High School game. “I saw the front of the sweatshirt,” Norris writes, and “it did say Titan Echo Staff.” That’s the name of Grand Terrace High’s student newspaper, which is apparently edited by some very confident teens.

From longtime Michigan State University journalism professor Bonnie Bucqueroux’s obituary:

* Journalism professor Bonnie Bucqueroux dies at 71 (
* “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” (

Salem News courts reporter Julie Manganis writes: “I thought you might get a kick out of the name of the person who sent this press release.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12_Fotor
I asked PR man Clifton Flack if he gets many comments about his name, and how he responds to jokes about it. Flack, who works for a firm in Israel, asked:

why is Flack insulting for a PR person?

I sent him this link, which notes that “journalists sometimes use [flack] in a disparaging way, to describe clueless PR people — a counterpart to the word ‘hack,’ the rhyming descriptor of similar meaning as applied to journalists.”

He responded:

Hi Jim… amazing, i’m 42 years old and spent half that time in Marketing… I never knew about this

I’ve never had a good response when reaching out to journalists, could this be the reason?

* PR name-calling (

Who gets credit for this headline in the Welland Tribune? Would the story have run had the dead deer been found in another lot? Who tipped off the paper? Reporter Allan Benner tells Romenesko readers:

I suggested “Dead deer at dead Deere plant”; the word “discovered” was added by layout to fit the space for the print version. My preference was “found” but it wasn’t long enough.

We noticed the picture posted on Facebook, and went out to investigate. The deer has been laying there rotting for at least a week. That alone would probably be enough to warrant a story if it was in a public location such as a schoolyard or park. But the deer/Deere connection certainly added to the story.

* Dead deer discovered at dead Deere plant (
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From the Fargo Forum story on Doug Legler’s obituary:

* “Doug died”: Fargo man has the last laugh (

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So, how did this happen?
“Oh, man,” were the first words East Oregonian managing editor Daniel Wattenburger (pictured below) said over the phone when I asked about the “amphibious pitcher” headline.

“It’s just kind of a silly mistake, and I’m trying to craft a column about it now,” he says. “There was just some confusion [about amphibious vs. ambidextrous] from the person laying out the page on Friday night.

“A former colleague [Neill Woelk] shared it on his Twitter feed and that’s how it got picked up” by, well, just about everyone else on Twitter. (Woelk is now Rocky Mountain Student Media adviser.)

“It’s a little embarrassing,” the managing editor says of the hed.

Wattenburger notes that this is the second item from his paper that’s gone viral recently; a funny letter about farts circulated on social media in late May.

* Favorite headline of the week (@NeillWoelk)
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New — Editor’s column: “Just a few weeks ago we were Internet heroes, showing the courage and temerity to publish a letter about farts. Now, we’re lowly Internet zeros, publishing unconsciously about frogs.”


I’m trying to find out who gets credit for the headline. Update: It’s Graeme Bruce, “but I kneaded a little help from the newsroom,” he tweets. (h/t Grant Hamilton)

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