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A journalist at a Fresno weekly tipped me off to what “truly must be the world’s longest news blog post,” published by Fresno Bee reporter George Hostetter.

“Hostetter’s posts can sometimes be on the lengthier side, but I have never seen anything book-length like this,” writes the journalist who asks not to be named. “I dragged and copied all the text (took about 2 or 3 minutes to scroll) and dropped it into a word doc. 105,004 words.”

He’s close with the word count, Hostetter tells me over the phone.

“I wrote the last two words yesterday, and that was 105,001. …I’ve been working on it since December in my spare time – on weekends, holidays and vacations.”

Did he know from the start that “The 1968 Fresno City College-College of the Sequoias football feud” would be a massive project?

“I didn’t know it would be 105,000 words, but I thought it might be 75,000.”

Hostetter says assistant managing editor/news John Rich was supportive, and that his editors’ main concern was that he’d “break the computer” when he did a copy-and-paste or some other task with the huge file.

Any reaction to the piece?

“Just one,” says the reporter, “and it was the one I needed. My wife called me this morning and said, ‘OK, it was worth the effort.'”

* The 1968 Fresno City College-College of the Sequoias football feud (