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On the day the New York Times debuted its 220-page revamped magazine – its largest issue ever – the McClatchy-owned Kansas City Star published its last Sunday Magazine.

Staff writer Cindy Hoedel says it was “a proud publication that was ahead of its time when it launched in January 1970 and that outlasted most of its counterparts at other daily newspapers.”

She tells readers that “the spirit of mag stories — the deep profiles, the quirky stories, the gorgeous photos — is not going away. You will find them on our site at and throughout the newspaper.”

Features assistant managing editor Kathy Lu declined to answer my questions about the magazine and its demise.

Are there any McClatchy papers still publishing Sunday magazines? Please post in comments or send me an email.

* Kansas City Star Magazine folds after 45 years (
* New York Times Magazine relaunches with its largest issue ever (

From the press release:

Five magazines were nominated for the most prestigious honor, Magazine of the Year. They are Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitan, The Hollywood Reporter, New York and Vogue.

Twenty-nine magazines received multiple nominations, led by New York with 10 (New York also led last year with nine nominations). Bon Appetit and The New Yorker both received six nominations, followed by The Atlantic, GQ and Virginia Quarterly Review, each with four nominations.

* National Magazine Awards finalists announced (


General Excellence, Digital Media
Honors the best magazines published on digital platforms
* The Atlantic
* Golf Digest
* National Geographic
* New York

* Check out the full list of nominees.

When asked if print magazines would last another 20 years, New Yorker editor David Remnick told Kara Swisher: “The New Yorker — you roll it up, you put it in your bag. It’s quite easy; it’s pretty good technology.” But…

Increasingly, Remnick pushes and prods his writers to create online content for the New Yorker’s Web site and apps, whether it’s additional reporting material or a blog post about a news item.

* David Remnick: Paper magazines are “pretty good technology”
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University of Mississippi journalism professor Samir Husni has long called himself Mr. Magazine, but it looks like former Current TV InfoMania host Conor Knighton is bucking for the title. “My girlfriend says my apartment looks like a doctor’s waiting room,” he told CBS “Sunday Morning” viewers yesterday. “I’ve got magazines everywhere.”