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Eighteen months after AOL chief exec Tim Armstrong dismissed creative director Abel Lenz for taking photos at an “all-hands” meeting, former Patch editor Paul Petrone writes about what he calls “one of the worst firings in the history of corporate America.”

Why tell the story now?

“Because I think it should serve as a lesson of exactly what not to do” when firing an employee.

Petrone continues:

Today, I was going to write about the best way to fire someone, as it fits under the broad umbrella of human resource functions, which I primarily write about. But I realized I couldn’t do that without first writing about the worst way to fire someone, which I witnessed myself.

I guess my point to CEOs and managers alike is this – don’t fire people in front of 1,000 colleagues for no real reason. To put it mildly, it doesn’t help morale.

Petrone’s post got me wondering where Lenz landed after getting axed. According to his Twitter bio, he’s now product/design vice president at Opticlose.

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From Andrew Goldman’s New York Times Magazine Q-and-A with AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong:

The New Yorker reported that 80 percent of AOL’s profits are from subscribers, many of whom are older people paying for dial-up service they don’t need to get online.

We communicate to all members regularly. So the people who pay for AOL know they’re paying for AOL. Two-thirds of the three million people who are paying us for subscriptions aren’t using dial-up access. They pay for customer service or computer checkup or all these other services.

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