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I’m now retired, but still online. Thank you for checking my latest tweets and occasional Facebook posts.)

After reading my “Stop bitching and start tweeting” post on Tuesday, a Romenesko reader who requested anonymity sent this:

If reporters tweeted what they were actually doing, it might be like:

Nothing on the daily budget #isitfridayyet?

Check #FB

Talk with podmate about weekend #partylikeajournalist

Text newsroom hottie #partylikeajournalist

Go to the cafeteria for coffee #whenislunch

Surf the net, catch up on newsroom gossip, watch viral cat video #whenislunch

Call source, who is out to lunch #whenislunch

Post photo of #lunch on #igram

Back from lunch, no calls #worldcup

Source calls. We talk about his weekend #partylikeajournalist

check #catsofinstagram

Email editor that source says situation is unchanged #breakingnewsornot

Editor says story project has been pushed to next month, will ‘get back to me’ on #tweaks

Chat with cute intern about weekend #partylikeajournalist

Talk to podmates about going to karaoke bar after work #partylikeajournalist

Karaoke bar with newsroom hottie #woohoo

#Igram of newsroom hottie doing #karaoke #partylikeajournalist

Or it might be this

Hour two of board meeting #boredshitless

yawnHour three of board meeting #blahblahblah

Board approves consent agenda without discussion #corruptbastards

Board opens meeting to public comments from #wingnuts in #tinfoilhats #craycray

Hour two of public comments #megacraycray

Who’s up for karaoke? #partylikeajournalist

Her memo:

From: Schiller, Vivian (NBCUniversal)
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2013 3:08 PM
To: @NBC UNI News Digital
Subject: Two Announcements

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know that I’ll be leaving NBC at the end of the year to join Twitter as Head of News, a newly created position. It was a tough decision but made easier by the fact that you all are such a stellar team, and have the full support of the NBCU News Group leadership. Indeed, with the integration work underway, you all will be more central to the brands than ever before.



Meantime, I wanted to share another important announcement:

Krishna Bhagavathula will be joining the team in the new position of CTO for NBC News Digital. Krishna comes to us from WebMD, where he developed and ran their technology strategy across web properties, mobile applications, UX, content management and discovery systems. He will be responsible for leading the digital technology and UX across all our digital properties, as well as work closely with product leads and the wider News Group technology transformation project. As a result of this change, JoAnne Kennedy, John Keegan, Ashley Wells, Andrew Locke and Mark Budos will report to Krishna – while continuing to work closely with the businesses of course. Krishna will report directly to NBCUniversal News Group CTO Altaf Rupani and to me. He starts on October 30

As for me – no goodbyes yet! I’m here thru the end of the year and will continue to drive and support all of you and our work here together.


* Schiller’s NBC chief digital officer position may now be phased out (

* David Carr: Murdoch says what’s on his mind on Twitter

From Nicole Perlroth’s report in the New York Times:

Homeland Security seems to have a real affinity for Twitter. It advises its employees to follow not only Twitter itself but also Twitter search sites like Monitter, Tweetzi and Tweefind and more than 10 Twitter trend sites like TweetStats and Trendistic.

It monitors Facebook and, while it also recommends monitoring MySpace, it notes the once-popular social network has “limited search” capabilities. Homeland Security employees also monitor video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu — “situational awareness” apparently entails full episodes of “The Bachelor.”

* What does Homeland Security read?

This list comes from Mashable’s Sam Laird:
1. @AdamSchefter “I love big stories outside of football and try to share with readers the ones I think are important,” he says.
2. @ErinAndrews She has “a wealth of behind-the-scenes interviews.”
3. @SI_PeterKing “Tweets prolifically and responds to his followers’ comments and questions often.”
4. @Buster_ESPN “A go-to source for fans of America’s pastime.”
5. @jadande “I seek out interaction with my followers and retweet the best responses,” he says.
6. @JayGlazer “Stream of updates, opinions and analysis.”
7. @Chris_Broussard “Tweets can come in spurts,” but…
8. @JayBilas “A mix opinions, insightful analysis and rap lyrics.”
9. @mortreport He says: “Time allowing, I also use Twitter to answer questions from my followers.”
10. @PeteThamelNYT “Must-follow for any college sports fan.”
11. @sportsguy33 “…often hilarious 140-character takes on the sports world.”

* Sportswriters you need to follow on Twitter

That was someone else tweeting as Rupert Murdoch’s wife. Read what the imposter says about that.

Meanwhile, @Rupert Murdoch remains verified.

One of my favorite Twitter feeds is Ned Rolsma’s @imsevenfeet, which is filled with tweets about people’s reactions to his height (and, often, his responses). Some recent ones:

“Excuse me! HEY! Do u play basketball?” – 2 ladies behind me in #UnionStation. “HELLLOOOO!” Blew em off, didn’t wanna assume they meant me.

“Hey, if we need to get anything up high we can just grab him!” – guy in Toys r Us, to lady at other end of aisle. #BlackFriday

Ned — an actor who got his broadcast journalism degree from the University of Tennessee a decade ago — tells me he came up with the idea of tweeting reactions to his height about three years ago.

I was going through a stretch where I carried a bit of a bad attitude about the barrage of “HTRU?”s & other height related remarks that follow me anytime I walk out the front door. I became overly self-conscious and took the constant attention and scrutiny very personally; generally feeling picked on, mocked, and made fun of. A good friend of mine suggested I do something fun and creative with it; make a game of it, as sort of a therapeutic way to disengage from taking it all too seriously and to share with people the litany of comments and reactions I get that run the gamut from warm, genuine, and kind, to hilarious and off-the-wall, to rude, ignorant, and thoughtless.

He says “people of all varieties and walks-of-life” bring up his height. “Boy, if I had a nickel for every ‘It’s good to be tall!’ I hear, and I find that fascinating,” he tells me in email. “It’s something I want to get to the bottom of and maybe shine a light in there, help people get past it and the other apparent ‘differences’ we have between us, and shift the focus back to that which makes us all exactly the same.” Read More

A lawyer for Sheboygan, Wis. Mayor Bob Ryan contends that 18-year-old Asher Heimermann’s @MayorBobRyan Twitter feed “rises to the level of identity theft” and warns that “if the conduct does not immediately cease, we will take appropriate action.”

The bio section of the feed originally stated, “I’m Sheboygan’s embattled mayor,” but Heimermann changed it to made it clear it was a parody site minutes after Sheboygan Press reporter Eric Litke called him this week for comment.

Asher Heimermann

The teen, who is running for Sheboygan mayor, tells the local newspaper:

It appears Mayor Ryan is more concerned about a parody Twitter account and a domain name then operating the City of Sheboygan. … He is worried (about) me challenging him in the upcoming recall election. He knows that he has a real possibility of losing his job.

Heimermann says he’s going to ignore the cease and desist notice. So what’s the embattled mayor’s next move?

“I’ll have to discuss with my client which options he wishes to pursue,” says his lawyer. “We were hoping the young man had a little bit of maturity to stop his identity theft of Bob Ryan and that he had the maturity and responsibility to restore the website to Bob Ryan that he in effect stole from him.”

The mayor, who is an alcoholic, made headlines after he was seen drinking one day last summer from mid-afternoon until closing time while being obnoxious toward women. He was also spotted getting into his car after drinking.

Reporter Litke, who has been covering the ongoing Ryan-Heimermann feud, tells me few very people pay attention to the parody feed, and “it’s one of those issues that would have faded into Internet oblivion” if the mayor hadn’t taken it so seriously and made it an issue.

* Teen mayoral candidate to ignore cease and desist letter (Sheboygan Press)