“It’s not profound,” Bruce McCall writes in The New Yorker, “you know – nothing I do is profound – but I wanted to address the whole kerfuffle over the Redskins name.”

* Full cover: Bruce McCall’s “First Thanksgiving” (

Matt Waite says his Story Bots course at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this semester “is really a programming class disguised as a journalism class.”

One of the assignments was to make a Twitter bot. They could do what they wanted with it, but it had to use Twitter and had to run on a simple cron job. It had to tweet, and they had to put their bot on Github when they were done (sans access keys).

The Homer Simpson quotes bot is cute, and this Lady Plath creation is clever, too: “Lady Plath takes a line from a Sylvia Plath poem and a line of Lady Gaga lyrics and randomly combines them into gloriously weird tweets.”

* A classroom experiment in Twitter bots and creativity (
* Students were told to make Twitter bots and “the results were awesome” (@mattwaite)

dmrFrom the Des Moines Register and Iowa City Press-Citizen websites

* An ode to Thanksgiving (with recipes) (

* A soldier is demoted after threatening Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Carl Prine‘s family. (
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* Was there a font large enough for this station’s EXCLUSIVE headline? An arsonist confesses to a TV crew at the fire scene. (


I called the WAFF-TV (Hunstville, AL) newsroom this morning and got a confirmation that this aired Thursday. “It was just a big mistake,” I was told by an employee. | Via @telesara

* Read rap/rape comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers (


The Tallahassee Democrat and other media are naming Myron May as the Florida State University gunman, but the FSU student newspaper is refusing to use his name. It was a unanimous decision among the staff, FSU News editor-in-chief Setareh Baig writes in an email. Busy with the story, Baig says she won’t be able to explain the decision until later.

Reaction on Twitter: “Silly”“Give me a break. Cover the news”“Bad call”“Failure of basic journalism”“Yeah, it’s not like the name of a shooter is newsworthy or anything. Sheesh“Dumb”.

* Three shot inside FSU Strozier Library (
* Tallahassee paper: Myron May believed he was being watched (


GateHouse Media parent New Media Investment Group is paying $280 million in cash for Halifax’s 36 newspapers. The deal will close early next year.

TO: GateHouse Media and LMG Employees
FROM: Kirk Davis, CEO, GateHouse Media LLC
RE: Halifax Media Asset Purchase Agreement Announcement
DATE: November 20, 2014
I’m pleased to announce that New Media Investment Group Inc., has reached an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Halifax Media Group. The sale is expected to close in early 2015.

The acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for GateHouse and LMG. The Halifax group includes 36 newspapers and affiliated websites, with a concentration in the southeast (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina). Also included is the Worcester Telegram and Gazette which strengthens our northeast presence.

If you are familiar with our footprint today, you’ll note that this is a major expansion into the southeast region of the country. From geographic diversification, to attractive demographics, strong regional economies and flourishing tourism, this acquisition brings tremendous benefits. Together, these publications will add total circulation of approximately 635K daily and 752K Sunday.

The properties bring an award‐winning heritage of strong, local reporting, including two recent Pulitzers. In 2012, The Tuscaloosa News (Tuscaloosa, AL) received a Pulitzer for its use of social media in breaking news coverage. The Sarasota Herald‐Tribune (Sarasota, FL), a Pulitzer finalist in 2008 and 2010, won in 2011 for an investigation into the state of home insurance in FL, with the series “Insurance Nightmare”. The Halifax papers are perennial top performers in regional, state and national news competitions.

On the business side, we’re confident that the opportunity we bring to grow their digital services revenue presents Propel Marketing, our digital services agency, with a wonderful expansion platform.

We look forward to welcoming the Halifax Media Group properties to our family!

The GateHouse CEO’s letter to Halifax Media employees is after the jump. Read More


The Romenesko reader who sent the above story calls this a case of “automated reporting run amok.”

The tipster, who didn’t want to be named, writes:

The piece by reports the stock hit a new 52-week low of $0.00 and “could be a stock to watch at the opening.” It also saw “0.00 shares of its stock trade hands.”

But of course. The stock went off the market after News Corp completed its acquisition of Move Inc. (formerly listed on Nasdaq as MOVE) on November 14, and it is no longer traded on the stock market. Apparently never got the message.

* Move Inc. hits a new 52-week low on November 19 (
* November 14: News Corp completes acquisition of Move Inc. (


Care for a h/t? I asked my tipster. She responded: “This has been the most challenging decision of my day. I’m going to say no, due to fear of this becoming a top Google result for me.”

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